The Vision for Wellbeing at The Queen International School

The Vision for Well-being

The Queen International School is a diverse family of physically and emotionally resilient learners. We understand a healthy life - style will enable us to be happy and at peace with ourselves and those around us. We are a caring and diverse community who ar e compassionate and thoughtful and respectful in our understanding the individual differences which make us unique within the multicultural societies we live in and learn in.

Our school community is united through its strong sense of community and care fo r each other. Respectful relationships allow us to consider and respond appropriately to the rights of others who hold opinions that are different to our own.

Individual achievements motivate and inspire us to experience greater success for ourselves. Thes e are experiences which unify us in celebration and validate our sense of belonging.

As a school, wellbeing is imbedded into our daily operations and culture. Through the effective use of wellbeing surveys and the feedback we receive from our school commu nity, we monitor the success of our wellbeing strategies and use these to plan how we can refine our provision to meet the wider and individual needs of our community.

Our curriculum and extra - curricular learning activities allow learners to explore new o pportunities that stimulate and nourish their mental health. Individual and team sports promote physical intelligence and the emotional resilience to experience success in a competitive arena.

The QIS pastoral care team work closely with the SEND team to monitor, support and respond to concerns. Above all, the QIS community have access to the care and support they need to be happy and to fulfil their academic and physical potential. They feel trusted to take ownership because they know it is safe for them to express themselves and are confident that every voice is listened to as we are all fully participating member of The Queen International School Community .