The Queen International Advisory, Board of Governors.

The proud heritage of Queen International School attracts a wealth of knowledge and experience from the field of education, childhood development, commerce and our parent community to advise and support the development and improvements of the school. , as well as the strategic direction of the school.

Through this consultative forum, the strategic direct of the school is consistently reviewed and evaluated to provide the school community with positive experiences.

The Board of Governors has been established to:

  1. Review and monitor school development plans.
  2. Offer a critical review and support to ongoing improvements to the performance of the school
  3. Provide advice and support to the principal and leadership of the school in the self/evaluation process, and work closely with the owner in the deployment of resources to meet the curriculum and development aims.

Mr. Robin Campbell (Chairperson)

Mr. Robin has a background in the provision special educational and a qualified Ofsted inspector.He has extensive experience as a Head Teacher in the United Kingdom and Middle East. Has gained an MA in Business Administration, an MA in school leadership and curriculum development and is a published academic researcher.

Dr Carol Campbell (Board Member)

Dr Carol has extensive experience working within education both as a psychologist and as an educator. Prior to working in the UAE, she was a Senior Lecturer of Psychology in the UK and was awarded Chartered Psychologist and Chartered Scientist status. From 2008, she worked at Zayed University (both Abu Dhabi and Dubai campuses) becoming the Chair of the Department for Natural Sciences and Public Health. After leaving the UAE she continued as a lecturer on the Executive Masters in Health Care Administration whilst also working as a School Psychologist in Doha, Qatar and finally, as a Psychologist at the Child Development Centre Doha, Qatar.

The leadership positions she has held, combined with additional learning needs experience places her in an ideal position to support the future development and success of all members of the school community at Queen International School.

Dr Carol has authored over 25 academic papers, successfully supervised nine doctoral candidates and is an international PhD assessor.

Ms. Soraya Magardie (Board Member)

Ms. Soraya is a highly qualified and internationally experienced Lead Educator and Head of school. She also holds an M.Ed in Psychology and has worked in the UAE as a SENCO, Counsellor and passionate inclusion Specialist. She is an advocate of inclusive education and the role of pastoral care in schools. As a qualified in-service trainer, Ms. Soraya is advising and supporting in the professional development of our team.

Dr Mathew (Board Member)

Dr Mathew has been living and working in Dubai for more than 25 years. He is the Patron of Red Cross Society and is currently working with The Sharjah University. He holds three PhDs in the field of Sociology, Clinical Psychology and Forensic psychology.

Mr. Shehab Thani (Board Member-Alumni)

As a former student of QIS and U.A.E National, Mr. Shehab has a life-long association with the school. He is now forging a successful career in strategy development and relishes the opportunity to use his knowledge of QIS and industry experience to support the Board of Governors in their work.

Ms. Marwa Adel (Board Member-Parent Representative)

As an Engineering graduate Ms. Marwa is pragmatic and holds high expectations for the experiences of the school and wider community to be positive. With 3 children registered at QIS, has an insight into the functions of the school from a parent and student perspective.

Mr. Ayman Zain

A local business owner, entrepreneur and graduate who has 17 years’ experience in the air conditioning industry. Earlier in his life, Mr. Ayman was a keen artist. As a father 3 children and member of the Board of Governors, he is enthusiastically utilising his commercial experience to support the school in ways that will improve the academic experiences of our school community.