Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision

Our Educational Vision is for students to grow up and prosper in an environment that allows them to explore the world, meet their potential, develop character, gain international qualifications, learn to research and to be a lifelong learner, and discover how to be innovative and enterprising in the fast-changing world that is embodied by modern Dubai.

We value every child as an active contributor and we nurture each student to grow a positive mindframe, so they are a beacon to others in an ever-changing, complex society.

Our Mission is to provide a powerful all-round education in a caring and enlightened technological environment that embraces the future. Specifically, we aim to provide parents and students with:

  • A great education that enables each student to make the most of their potential and strengths
  • A grounding in the four critical values (critical and creative thinking, courage of convictions, ethical leadership, calm understanding)
  • First class teaching that motivates and engages learners so they can do their best in academic learning and learning for life
  • A route to all-round character development and high academic achievement
  • An international outlook that encourages innovation and resilience
  • immersion in, and appreciation and understanding of, Arabic language and the Dubai environment
  • immersion in new technologies and digital facilities
  • a school where they are always welcome and where they are positively engaged