Our Secondary School

Our secondary school cultivates independent learning research and inquiry so that children experience real life situations, and opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge.

Subject teaching is bespoke rather than based on specific textbooks or subject curriculum projects. Each subject adopts an approach that includes in large measure the application of knowledge. Hence, there is a strong component of practical science; a regular cycle of small and large applied problem-solving activity in mathematics; fieldwork and applied challenges in geography; research and use of primary and secondary sources in history.

The subject choice at GCSE and iGCSE is extensive and includes: English Literature and Language, Mathematics and Further Mathematics, Science and separate Sciences, History, Geography, Design and Technology, Art, Music, Computing/ICT and PE. Students receive guidance in making choices that reflect their ability, interests, and potential future destinations. We place a lot of value on parents’ and students’ own preferences and we do not restrict access to examinations unfairly.