The prime purpose of the counselling service is to provide qualified professional support to students within the school, who seek help and support in addressing personal, social and learning challenges. The Counsellor is also a resource to the school, able to advise and cooperate in programmes that provide personal development, social literacy and life skills. He or she has a part in the monitoring and review of policies relating to student welfare and health, including the policies on behavior and attendance. The Counsellor advises the school on the effectiveness of its measures to build a positive, loving and caring environment for students, and on the changes needed to address challenges.

The Counsellor works closely with the pastoral team of tutors, Heads of Year and Heads of House. All staff receive training in identifying students-at-risk and responding to students’ personal problems.

The Counsellor respects student confidentiality but has a higher responsibility to involve parents in addressing students’ difficulties, so that

  • Every student feels the benefit of all-round, concerted support
  • All relevant staff are aware of any issues
  • Every parent knows they can trust the school to act in their, and their child’s, best interests