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IBT - High Distinction Achievers

                      Congratulations for achieving High Distinction in International Benchmark Tests
( ACER )

                                                                                 Grade 3 and Grade 5 

 Saba Mohsen Rabiei-Grade 3Y-Science

 Yahya Amjad Hamdan-Grade 3Y-Science


 Qusai Waleec Aqel-Grade 3G-Science


Saeed Ahmed Al Serkal-Grade 5R-Science, English


                                                                                 Grade 6

 Karim Moutaz Al Darra-Grade 6B-Science

 Omar Ahmed Abdel Rafean-Grade 6B-Science


 Omar Hossam Mohamed El Wakil-Grade 6B-Science


Randa Mufleh Arshlan-Grade 6B-Science


 Lava Ihsan Zangana-Grade 6G-Science

 Mohd Sayed Rozaik-Grade 6G-Science


 MotazMotasem Abdullah-Grade 6G-Science


Ghayda Yahia Aladwan-Grade 6R-Science


 Mays Tayseer Muamar-Grade 6R-Science

 Shirin Bashiri Nezhad Nader-Grade 6R-Science


 Zain El Abdeen Haider Hussain-Grade 6R-Science


                                                                                 Grade 7


Saeed Hamad Abdulla Ali Grade 7B-English

 Laiba Batool-Grade 7G-Science


 Menatullah Hesham Hammouda-Grade 7G-Science


Rozhan Nouraddin Najmdini-Grade 7G-Science


                                                                                 Grade 8 and Grade 9


 Mostafa Farid Faissal-Grade 8B-Science

 Moatasem Mohd Al Masri-Grade 9B-English


 Maria Magdy-Grade 9G-Science,English


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