Circular Message : Dear Parents,Please Login and go through Parents Contract before you come to school and sign.. يرجى الاطلاع على عقد ولي الامر بعنايه قبل القدوم للمدرسه و التوقيع    |     Circular Message : IMPORTANT UPDATE: Parents have to re-register for next grade 2017-2018 to reserve the place even if the child is presently studying in the school , Re-Registration from : 26-2-2017 to 23-3-2017 only.--Dear Parents, Please remember to check the school website every day for important notices as QIS will not be sending out notices on paper in future.--Easter Holiday - Mar-26-2017 to April-08-2017 ( All should come back April 9th 2017 )    |    
I welcome you to Queen international School official website. Please feel free to navigate through and read more about our school. At Queen International we are committed to the full growth and development of our students in order to ensure that our future generations are well trained to thrive in a highly competitive and challenging environment. We combine academic training with other aspects that contribute to a holistic individual. We firmly believe that every child can learn with the right attitude, guidance and support. Our staff works towards giving our students the best of education regardless of their individual educational needs and learning styles. They are dedicated to developing student abilities and bringing students to reach full potential. Students with additional educational needs and exceptional achievers are well catered for by professionals who work with a relentless passion to ensure that all students reach their full potential. We focus on training students emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually. We apply a team approach that includes the help of parents, teachers and even external experts to assist our students in any area that we deem needful. Our school is adequately equipped to foster learning in and out of the class room. We have worked to ensure that our teaching methods are up to date and our facilities are of good standards. We ensure that the environment our students learn in is safe, academically inspiring, intellectually stimulating and socially refined. Safety of our students is a priority besides the full growth and development of our students. We train them to learn and live in safe environments not only in school but every place chance may have them be. We encourage positive behaviour, constantly reinforcing well behaved students and taking steps to ensure that all students live up a standard behaviour code. In addition, we provide a platform for students to prepare for what they intend to become in life by developing talents, interests and hobbies. We facilitate platforms for students to interact with professional moguls and other students of like mind in multiple forums organized internally and externally. We are open to enroll students of varied backgrounds and abilities and continually strive to fully develop them to their full potential. I invite you to visit our school and experience our commitment to quality standards. For further information, please contact us on the address provided on our website. Thank you and welcome to Queens International School.


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