Circular Message : Dear Parents and Students, QIS celebrates Islamic New Year (Hijri) on Wednesday 20/09/2017 .Students can wear traditional dress and bring healthy snacks to share with their friends in class. The first day of Muḥarram will be a public holiday.    |    

Technology is an essential part of modern existence. Current trends, innovations and the future are heavily embedded in technology. The ICT club inspires our young lovers of technology to be part of the past, present and the future through technology. The clubs promotes the sharing of ideas among the younger and older technological generations. It encourages the use of technology to learn and to be learnt. ICT club creates possibility thus lets students learn what they didn’t think they could learn before.

Art is expression. Art is a free spirited will. The art club allows our student to be free to express themselves in highly creative ways through visual or oral art. We believe that painting is poetry that is seen and poetry is painting that is heard. We encourage our students to have an image of their inner self and display that mirror to the world. Through the art club, students open a window to their souls and let the rest of the world into their world.

In our school, Young environmentalist who concern themselves with the well being of our planet get together to share ideas on helping mother earth live longer, and having enough to sustain her children. They educate themselves on environmental topics such as our water masses, global warming, saving the White Rhinos just to mention but a few. They also take part in national and international initiatives on environmental conservation. They are passionate about our ecosystem and are dedicated to saving our surroundings.

The literacy club aims to promote literacy among students in our school with key focus on reading, analytic interpretation to text and development of full language literacy. Club members learn to use information and insights from texts to make informed decision through creative thought processes. The target is students who love language who yearn to develop a deeper understanding of speech sound, grammar, word formation patterns, comprehension and reading.

This club makes math fun and interesting and enables student to apply analytic and a systematic approach to everyday lives of students. It provides motivation for students to get the most out of their math’s education. Students are constantly innovative in the club in order to keep up with fellow mathematicians all over the world and to be able to show everyone that math is indeed fun to learn. The clubs seeks to stimulate and motivate students to achieve the best of their math ability.

Science is everything around us. Science wakes us up, brings us to school. Science causes the earth to produce, to give red and green and yellow and all colours. Science gives the wonderful scent of lilies and roses and other scents. Science is life and as young scientists, we are interested in these wonders, the true magic of the earth and the universe. Science develops our brains, intrigues our thinking and brings us together with the rest of the world in living and discovering our universe.

Our bodies are connected to our brain our hearts and our souls. For us to learn, we need to keep our selves healthy. Our school ensures a holistic development of the students both; physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Sports in our school ensure the physical development of the selves that in turn develops the other areas of life. With qualified trainers in various disciplines and the dedication of our school to holistic development of the student, our school is ideal for learning, growth and development.

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