Circular Message : Dear Parents and Students, QIS celebrates Islamic New Year (Hijri) on Wednesday 20/09/2017 .Students can wear traditional dress and bring healthy snacks to share with their friends in class. The first day of Muḥarram will be a public holiday.    |    
Health Reminders
School Year 2014 – 2015
To the most concerned parents, please be reminded of the following:

1. Ensure proper grooming of your child when sending to school. School uniforms, socks and shoes must be clean. Nails must be trimmed and no nail polishes are allowed. Strong and harsh perfumes are not recommended. If a child was seen with head lice, it is important to be promptly treated with good anti lice shampoo/lotion or cream.

2. We strongly recommend that you bring a set of clothes for children specially KG’s and Grades 1-3. Remember that over sweating without changing clothes could cause pneumonia.

3. Always ensure to pack healthy lunch and snacks such as sandwiches, fruits and vegetables. Strictly no JUNKFOODS. For drinks- juice, milk and water are preferred. No COLA and Soft Drinks are allowed.

4. Parents must not send the child to school sick especially with noticeable communicable diseases such as MUMPS, CHICKENPOX, and RUBELLA etc. Student will not be allowed to attend the class unless approved by the doctor.

5. If a student is under cautious medication that needs to be taken during school hours, parents must inform the school nurse. Exact details of the dosage and timing must be informed to the nurse along with the name and level of the student. Make sure that the medicine is properly covered to prevent spilling and make sure it is handled by the responsible person. “DON’T HAND THEM OVER TO THE CHILD.”

6. Keep track of the updates of the immunization days. A consent letter to administer immunization will be given to the child and should be returned after duly filing up. Parents must submit the original vaccination card prior to the vaccination day.

7. It is the duty of the parent to inform the clinic and the administration if the concerned child has special consideration regarding any health issues such as: ASTHMA, DIABETES, VISUAL PROBLEMS, HEARING PROBLEMS, ANEMIA, ALLERGIES or a child diagnosed with conditions like ADHD, NFTT, AUTISM, etc.

Thank you for your cooperation and wishing you a pleasant school year ahead.
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