Circular Message : Dear Parents and Students, QIS celebrates Islamic New Year (Hijri) on Wednesday 20/09/2017 .Students can wear traditional dress and bring healthy snacks to share with their friends in class. The first day of Muḥarram will be a public holiday.    |    

Please Note :

Students seeking admission to the school for the first time are required to bring below documents, the details of which are given below:
1. The following documents are required to be submitted by all students seeking admission for the first time:
        a. Copy of Emirates ID of the student and parents
        b. Copy of passport with a UAE visa valid for a minimum of one year at the time of admission in the case of               expatriates.
        c. Copy of the student’s birth certificate
        d. Copy of vaccination records
        e. 6 photographs
2. Students seeking admission to Grade 2 through to Grade 12 and who are coming from outside of the UAE must submit, in addition to the above documents, the transfer certificate from the previous school duly attested by the Ministry of Education, The UAE Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their country.
3. Students seeking admission to Grade 2 through to Grade 12 and who are coming from a school within the UAE, but from an Emirate other than Dubai need to submit their original transfer certificate duly attested by the Ministry of Education of their zone.
4. Transfers from any school within Dubai will be facilitated through the KHDA system.
5. In the case of all transfers, the original report card from the previous school is to be submitted on confirmation of admission.
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